Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Assembly

Today I’m going to show you how  simple it is to install a factory pre-terminated multi-strand fiber-optic  kill AKA fiber whips from point A to point B here’s one of our quick tracks  custom-made fiber whips.

Which we will install a warehouse some people refer to install an introductory first but this is not required and is strictly a personal preference so run our cable exposed fiber cable is very durable and not fragile as some may think it’s a good idea to use velcro cable ties too fast and the fiber the sort of citizen of preferred because they did not cause sharp bends in the fiber as compared with vinyl cable ties. So now we’ll proceed to continue to fester in the fiber across the warehouse using Velcro cable ties ok now we’re going to show you how to remove a pulling basket for pre-terminated assembly we take our wire surgeon cattle are cutting scissors and will proceed to cut off the hook on the end of the point basket.



Now we’ve cut off the hook on the end of the point basket we do have to now remove the heat shrink tubing that holds the point basket on so we’re going to use a razor knife. And we’re going to do that very gently now we’ve removed most of the polling basket weave remove the outer sheath of it and now inside we have the catalog member. Which in this case is covered with some black tape which we are going to cut it cut it flush with the end of a cable to meet and now we have left is some plastic wrap which protect. The connectors from contaminants and we could just pull that off pretty easily  when you want a determination box you need to order adapter panels adapt the  panel is simply a metal strip. With passive fiber-optic couplers since our cable is terminated with SC connectors we are going to use SE adaptive panels.

Now will snap the adapter panel into the box, I’m going to coil about five feet cable inside of the box    now to plug into connectors and to the adaptive panel will start from the top down going blue orange green brown slate and white now we’ll proceed to remove the seals on the inside of the couplers one at a time. I’m going to remove the protective cap from the end of each connector starting with the blue at the top and plugging it into the coupler. Next ST orange followed by the green  brown  sleep  and finally white  now that we have the cable install from one end of the warehouse to the other we  are going to take this end and terminate it into a rack mount termination box.


I usually like to leave about two maybe three turns of cable inside of the box like such now we’re ready to plug them in starting again with blue orange green brown slate and white. Now that the fibers install from end to end and just to make sure we did everything correctly and everything worked out correct. We’re going to a quick flash light test on its multimode cable so flashlight I should pass through it easily unlike single mode which would need a much stronger light source for but we’re going to use this LED flashlight and we’re going to shine light into each of these six fibers want to one at a time from the top down 1 2 3 4 5 six and there we have it a complete installation in about an hour.

Land Shark car has been making its own custom pre-terminated multi-strand fiber optic cable AKA fiber whips for 14 years on the internet with a virtual one hundred percent success rate in the past two years we developed the brand quick tracks to further bolster our quality assurance to you our valuable customer please remember land check calm for all of your cabling infrastructure needs.

How to Install a 12 Fiber Rack Mount

We will identify the various parts of the FST 175 as well as go through appropriate cable preparation splicing method patch cord installation and label placement.  These are the various parts of the FST 175  this is the swing-out panel tray  this is one of the two side brackets  this is the top of the panel that stands one you hi  these are the two six pack adapter panels. This is the pig tail assembly and network cable in the middle of the  swing-out panel is the tall fiber splice tray along the back of the panel you  will notice the back cable retention bracket finally along the back is the  cable entry port.


Now we will go through the cable preparation process first remove the provided material day second open the swing-out panel Trey. Third unattached the six-pack adapter  panels and remove them along with the pigtail cable assembly from the  swing-out panel tray  or unscrew and remove this place Trey then measuring remove 80 inches of  buffer tube from the network cable.

Now attach the network cable to the back table retention bracket using two of the provided 10-inch tie wraps then guide the buffer tube through the cable entry port to the front of the panel measure 32 inches from the end of the buffer tube then score and remove the buffer to exposing the loose two fibers measure and Mark 40 inches from the fiber assembly break out.  Score and remove the outer jacket in Kevlar from the remaining fiber assembly finally measuring cut 24 inches of the 900 micron fibers now replace the adapter panels pig tail assembly and network cable in the swing out panel tray remember to maintain manufacturers recommended minimum Bend radius.  While routing fibers inside the swing-out panel tray next remove this place straight from the plastic bag open the top and remove the tie wraps secure the buffer tube and pig tail assembly to one side of the splice tray using provided four inch tie wrap and PSL display Strait near your splicing area.



Next we will discuss the appropriate splicing method Cleve and fusion splice the individual pig tail fibers to the appropriate network fibers please the fused spliced fiber into this place holder on the splice tray and repeat as needed until all network fibers are spliced please the time the cover onto this place Trey and display straight back into the FST 175 as shown securing it with the provided wing not now we’ll discuss patch cord installation route. The patch cords from  the back side of the panel to the six-pack adapters remove both the  adapter and connector protective covers clean the connectors and place them in  the adapters  add routing clips to inside of the swing-out panel tray and then place the  patch cords inside the routing clips  lastly we will go through appropriate label placement.

Win Oscars Let Money Do The Job


Live from the most cost-effective theater in north Hollywood the awardee. Please welcome a minor TV personality Jeger Britt and the nominees for Best Picture are The Sad British man, Room 2 : Back in the Room that Tom Hanks movie Your Dad Liked and the Rosa Parks Story and the best movie of the year is not determined by this award. Sorry well, yes it is award shows how tastemakers honor important art like crash and better movies. Yes we’d all love to believe that these awards are determined by objective voters weighing the artistic merits of each work but the fact is these might as well be the nominees. Money can’t act no but it can make voters at differently and influence them studios and networks throw boatloads of money into what the industry calls for your consideration campaign. Oh I’ve heard of those and I know exactly what they are so you don’t have to explain them. For your consideration campaigns area very specific form of marketing that’s aimed solely at awards voters are not quite bribery but they’re closed.



We don’t have to pay to see movies the studio send them to us for free. This one comes with an iPad or they throw lavish party for voters to meet celebrities. Now weekly together, not to mention the ads studios plaster all over LA .You know what I think he does, the worst offenders are the Golden Globes only the 87 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press get to vote and since everyone in Hollywood knows who they are they get campaign to personally.



This process is such an open secret Denzel Washington joked about it on air during an acceptance speech. Some of you may know Freddie feels he invited me to the first Hollywood Foreign Press lunch and he said they’re gonna watch the movie we’re going to feed him they’re gonna come over you’re going to take pictures with everybody gonna hold the magazine’s take the pictures and you’re gonna win the award.

All that advertising costs money to win an Oscar studios may have to spend up to 10 million dollars. You gotta spend money to make money, Pete Hammond awards columnist Deadline Hollywood  look it’s all about the bottom line their studies that show a nomination itself can mean 20 million dollars more at the box office and with a win it can be 35 million and up actually even a flop movie can make money with a nomination getting nominated is just good for business. In winning a major award convey something even more important prestige and power. No one was taking netflix seriously as aTV network so we resolved to win us an Emmy. We went to the neighborhoods of Emmy voters and we gave their neighbors fiftydollars each to put netflix long signs we sent out food trucks with free lunch all around Los Angeles we painted the town with money and that year we want not only one Emmy we won 3. So I took the other two and I melted them down and made them into rings. Now Netflix is a TV network.


What quality can matter but really you’ve got to campaign studios do all sorts of things now to get attention from voters they have concerts trips to Vegas nominees will even come to your house. Now look spending money doesn’t guarantee you’re going to win but if you want to have a chance you’d better campaign.  So what’s the point all the movies and TV shows that i love or secretly horrible or not the ones that get nominated are still pretty good when it comes to who wins money talks. I’d like to thank the academy for accepting me and the studio for always putting my needs first.

Optical Fiber Communications Cable

Superior Essex manufactures its fiber optic cable products in a  state-of-the-art facility located in brown wood taxes here we produce hundreds  of different fiber cable designs including loose to ribbon fiber and type  buffer constructions for outside client fiber-to-the-home indoor/outdoor and  premises applications in this article. We will guide you through the principal manufacturing processes for each of these three basic fiber cable designs the first in fiber cable manufacturing is the inspection and testing of optical fibers while Superior Essex does not manufacture its own optical fibers each manufacturer that supplies are optical fiber glass.

Must meet exacting  requirements for performance and reliability  this approach allows us to offer our customers a choice in the brand of  optical fiber selected for the finished cable and give Superior Essex supply  flexibility in the event of optical fiber shortages the optical fiber  received by Superior Essex.


Can vary in length from 4402 fifty thousand meters  and is categorized based on fiber performance characteristics as part of  our manufacturing process every optical fiber within every fiber cable product  can be traced through each step of production the clear glass fibers. Initially undergo one of two types of coloring processes UV thinking which colors it in preparation for recognizing and loose two processes or type buffering which provides both color and a protective coating in the UV inking process a specialized ink is coated onto each optical fiber. One of 12 colors is used to properly identify the optical fiber within the tube or ribbon in accordance with industry standards after the inking step the optical fiber quickly passes to a curing enclosure that rapidly cures the ink to form a permanent color coding and wound onto a take-up reel the color-coded fiber is now ready to be put into loose tube or made into ribbon fiber for tight buffer cable products. A colored PVC coating is applied that increases the diameter of the fiber from 250 microns to nine hundred microns this process is called tight buffering which in addition to providing a color to identify each fiber allows the resulting cable to be flexible yet rugged and easily made it to mechanical connectors for these reasons the tight buffered cable design is the preferred fiber cable design.

Indoor cable applications at this point fibers destined for loose tube or tight buffered cable proceed to the sheathing or tubing process fibers destined for ribbon fiber cables must undergo an additional intermediate step called ribbon fiber ribbons are created by serving 12 24 or 36 individual fibers side by side into a coding died that encapsulates the fibers with a uv-curable matrix material into a fiber array.

In a process similar to the inking process the ribbon leaves the coding die and passes through an intense ultraviolet light source that cures the matrix and solidifies the ribbon completed fiber ribbon is then wound onto a supply real before the ribbon can be used in any cable. However it must be tested to verify that its structure and dimensions meet specifications a small length of ribbon is cut from the real and placed under a microscope a technician carefully examines the ribbon sample and fully documents the results only if the sample passes inspection can the real go on to be used in a fiber optic cable. All three of the basic fiber cable designs lose to ribbon fiber and tight buffered cables require some form of cheating process this is usually another intermediate step that can be the final production step for small premises cable designs.



We see a shading process for OSP fiber cable that begins with a number of reels of color coded fiber loaded onto a machine that supplies each fiber at a constant rate under computer control tension the fibers come together and are fed into an extruder head that performs two main functions. First a flow of moisture blocking gel surrounds the fibers than molten colored plastic is extruded around the fiber bundle to form a loose tube around the fibers immediately upon leaving the extruder the hot soft tube is passed through a long water-filled trop that slowly cools and hardens the tube the completed two has passed through an optical micrometer to verify its diameter is within specifications. It is then wound on a take-up reel to be used later in the cabling process part of our quality control process we periodically test fiber tubes to verify that there is sufficient slack fiber within the tubes.  This additional fiber slack also called excess fiber length or allows the cable to expand and contract around the fibers without causing stress or attenuation problems to perform this task a section of a tube is placed on a special test fixture. That accurately cuts it to a predetermined length  the tube is open midway along its length and the fibers are removed one of the  fibers is separated from the bundle and is mounted between a pair of measurement  blocks micrometer wheel is carefully adjusted to just bring the fiber in  detention a digital readout displays. The fiber length which is then compared to the known length of the two in a different sheeting process we see tight buffered fiber is being fed into an extruder head along with special strength yarns fire retardant plastic material is extruded to form the protective tube around the fibers in this case the tube is also the outside protective jacket.

For the now completed cable ribbon fibers are handled in a  similar manner during the sheathing process  12 30 ribbons are oscillated in one direction prior to being fed into an  extruder head  which forms the to this oscillation allows for a predetermined amount of  fiber slack to be maintained within the two PFM gel or dry water blocking agents. These are also inserted prior being formed around the ribbons  depending on the number of fibers required multiple tubes of fibers may be  needed to create the desired cable the process of combining multiple tubes is  called stranding reels of fiber-filled tubes are loaded. On the payoff equipment of the cabling line in this example we see the production of a loose tube stranded cable the process begins with the real of fiberglass rod that will become the cable central strength member along with the fiberglass rod a number of reels of colored.

Loose tubes containing fibers are fed through a series of rollers and guide that straight in the tubes and position them in the correct relationship for the next step in the process the strength member in tubes then pass into a machine that wins the tubes in a reverse oscillating wrap around the central strength member. You can  easily see how the rap periodically reverses the cable is then covered with  a layer of moisture absorbing tape the Sun jacketed cable sub-assembly can be  used later as the inner layer of a multi-layer stranded cable or be  surrounded with steel armor for use in an underground cable or simply be  covered with an outer jacket.
For general-purpose applications the final phase of fiber cable production is the jacketing process the materials used for the other cable jacket or chosen for the intended application of the fiber cable for most OSP fiber cables superior Essex utilizes. Medium-density polyethylene due to its durability moisture resistance and low coefficient of friction high or low density polyethylene can also be used for select OSP cable designs that require different performance characteristics polyvinyl chloride. PVC is typically used for the jacket material in our  premises cable designs  PVC is a thermoplastic with good flame and abrasion resistance making it  suitable for raceways indoor outdoor table structures  ducted environments and most riser rated and plenum rated locations the jacketing. Line begins with the real of partially completed cable we saw manufactured  earlier this cable passes into a machine that spins a series of flexible fiberglass strength members in a web-like configuration around the cable  the web like design avoids torque problems. Which would cause the cable to have a preferential band in order to make it easier to access the cable core? Where the tubes and fibers are located one or more high strength rip cords are added the red rip cord is seen traveling parallel to the cable as it moves toward the jacket extruder.



The jacket extruder is simply a scaled-up version of the two  extruders we saw earlier molten jacket material is injected at high pressure  and formed around the moving cable the cable leaves the extruder it is very hot  and quite soft so it must pass through a long cooling bath. While being kept  straight to prevent the cable from developing a permanent curl when the  cable exits the cooling bath  it has passed through an optical micrometer to verify that its diameter  is within specifications cable is used in direct buried applications often  require corrugated steel armoring to prevent rodent attack as well as damage  from rocks.  Corrugated steel armor is formed from flat steel tape that is supplied on large Real’s the cable armor and a ripcord are fed through a forming tool that wraps the armor around the internal cable elements.

The newly armored cable now passes through an extruder with the outer jacket is applied to the cable after jacket extrusion and cooling the cable passes to the jacket printer.  A hot foil printing process transfers white ink into permanently dented print which includes cable type fiber count data production footage or meter markings and other required information. The completed cable is then wound onto large reels for shipment to the customer, however one critical step still remains the cable must go through our final test  process to ensure that all fibers meet optical specifications established by  superior Essex short length of cable is prepared to expose the fibers to be  tested in this example the technician is testing a ribbon fiber cable all of the  ribbons within the cable are prepared and inserted in test fixtures that are  sequentially plugged into an automated test station.



In this way each fiber and every ribbon of the cable is quickly tested and compared against our  specifications  once the cable passes all tests the cable ends are sealed and the real is  ready for shipment a copy of the test report is permanently retained by  Superior Essex. And is attached to the cable wheel for acceptance test comparison engineering and maintenance records.

Thanks to the inventor of cable optic fiber we are able to experience wonderful internet and cable movies from movie providers. Furthermore we have also uninterrupted WIFI connection which are very useful for mobile phones connected to the internet and because of that you can have a great moment with CSR racing 2 with in Iphone and Android. Follow link to get wonderful tips playing the game.






Why Weddings Are Waste Money And Time


Nearly all wedding traditions are nothing but pointless and expensive displays of wealth. This time okay my engagement was one thing but I’ve been dreaming about this day my whole life my friends are here my very traditional family is here. We would have preferred a Catholic priest but this is tradition the dress, the ceremony, the cake, all symbolizes true love. Nope those traditions represent one thing money in fact this entire ceremony has been hijacked by a greedy industry looking to make a buck. This is the way weddings have always been. American weddings were once in formal affairs held in the homes or at community events like barn raisings or corn husking bees. I hereby pronounce you man and wife. Back then white fabric was almost impossible to clean so a white dress was only meant to be worn once.



Our folks can’t afford that we gotta make our dresses last brown don’t show the dirt. It was intense I Queen Victoria wear a hite dress to my wedding that other Brides began to copy me to show off their wealt but even then it was strictly for the well-to-do. Thing’s she’s so good at are more than one dress or more than one long, even white wedding cakes were all about bragging. White sugar back then was so expensive it was basically edible blame my cake is white just like all my friend.

Well Emily is wearing a white dress and we’re not rich nope but you’re making it rain like you are and all because of bridal magazines. Dr. Vicki Howard she’s the author of brides incorporated an expert in wedding commercialization, weddings used to be simple affairs but then bridal magazines encourage brides to marry like the wealthy and created a wedding industry unrelated products like silverware, gifts for the home and even early wedding gowns and they did all this on Americans were at their poorest. It was the birth of an entire industry and now the cost of weddings keep skyrocketing.



People want the finest on their big day that comes at a price for cheating people. No that’s exactly what you’re doing, the wedding industry systematically overcharges young couples just because they can one study found that a majority of flower shops, photographers and cake shops charged more for a wedding than they did for a birthday party of the same size. It’s called the wedding tax basically anything Ashley here book for you is a ripoff. That’s insane how can they get away with this, well this culture spending is now so pervasive if you don’t do it your family will be pissed.

We you can’t have a wedding without floral centerpieces, they were two grand extra. Well maybe going through this whole expensive ordeal together will make us stronger as a couple. Researchers at Emory University found that the more you spend on your wedding you’re actually more likely to end in divorce. How do you know that this was my bachelorette party oh yeah that was awesome but he has a point I mean no one we paid to help plan this wedding gives two craps if we stay together or not. That is not true I care very deeply about the wedding couple.



A century of advertising has distracted us from what’s really important. It’s not about the money or the gifts or the thread count of the table runners it’s about love all this just about you and me declaring our eternal undying love for each other that’s weddings used to be about and that’s what I want our wedding.




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