How to Install a 12 Fiber Rack Mount

We will identify the various parts of the FST 175 as well as go through appropriate cable preparation splicing method patch cord installation and label placement.  These are the various parts of the FST 175  this is the swing-out panel tray  this is one of the two side brackets  this is the top of the panel that stands one you hi  these are the two six pack adapter panels. This is the pig tail assembly and network cable in the middle of the  swing-out panel is the tall fiber splice tray along the back of the panel you  will notice the back cable retention bracket finally along the back is the  cable entry port.


Now we will go through the cable preparation process first remove the provided material day second open the swing-out panel Trey. Third unattached the six-pack adapter  panels and remove them along with the pigtail cable assembly from the  swing-out panel tray  or unscrew and remove this place Trey then measuring remove 80 inches of  buffer tube from the network cable.

Now attach the network cable to the back table retention bracket using two of the provided 10-inch tie wraps then guide the buffer tube through the cable entry port to the front of the panel measure 32 inches from the end of the buffer tube then score and remove the buffer to exposing the loose two fibers measure and Mark 40 inches from the fiber assembly break out.  Score and remove the outer jacket in Kevlar from the remaining fiber assembly finally measuring cut 24 inches of the 900 micron fibers now replace the adapter panels pig tail assembly and network cable in the swing out panel tray remember to maintain manufacturers recommended minimum Bend radius.  While routing fibers inside the swing-out panel tray next remove this place straight from the plastic bag open the top and remove the tie wraps secure the buffer tube and pig tail assembly to one side of the splice tray using provided four inch tie wrap and PSL display Strait near your splicing area.



Next we will discuss the appropriate splicing method Cleve and fusion splice the individual pig tail fibers to the appropriate network fibers please the fused spliced fiber into this place holder on the splice tray and repeat as needed until all network fibers are spliced please the time the cover onto this place Trey and display straight back into the FST 175 as shown securing it with the provided wing not now we’ll discuss patch cord installation route. The patch cords from  the back side of the panel to the six-pack adapters remove both the  adapter and connector protective covers clean the connectors and place them in  the adapters  add routing clips to inside of the swing-out panel tray and then place the  patch cords inside the routing clips  lastly we will go through appropriate label placement.

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