The Difference Between The Video Games of the Past and Today

Nowadays these are the female names associated with gaming not women who saw something they wanted to do and went out and they did it made it let what anyone else said about them. Stop them this is something they wanted to do women are just as capable as men aren’t making video games if they want despite what these losers with a victimization complex tell you.

All of that changed thanks for the video game crash of 1983 greedy publishers started flooding the market with shoddy games like “I want my mommy, Lost Luggage and E.T for the Atari 2600 what has been called one of the worst games of all time. That part is true that game is really bad that could have been an amazing game timeless when I could last through the ages when we would still talk about to this day because of how groundbreaking it was. If they had changed basically everything in the game and had different people make it and it was the complete polar opposite of what it ends being.

Most adult stops playing games entirely and the video game market cratered. When it came time to market the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo devised the plan instead of selling it in the electronic section they sold it in the toy aisle. You know because adults weren’t playing video games but by then the toy aisle was completely separated into pink and blue boy and girl. Oh yeah it’s boys and girls like different toys boys like superheroes in action figures and baseball bats and girls like ponies and unicorns and plush animals volleyballs and princesses dolls strawberry shortcake and brass and Barbies and coloring books and crayons and I I grew up with two little sisters and I know all about this shit I can probably recite the entire line king to script from memory we had to hide the VHS tape in the closet where and I think you and we say all it keep looking it’s house in somewhere I’m sure you’ll find it keep looking. We knew it was like in the back of a closet with bricks on top of it and purity seals in a locked metal box with booby traps Nintendo had to choose a side they went with boy and then they marketed to those boys relentlessly and if they put it in the girl aisle they would market it to girls relentlessly.


Easy based on the other kinds of toys in those sections Nintendo obviously felt that it sit in with those toys better they had to make a marketing decision which one of these two genders would buy the product more or that parents would buy for whatever gender their kid was just like to play the Nintendo entertainment system. With our other brands student politicians yeah I know you included that clip for a reason because you wanted to I don’t know maybe make it seem like it was bad for them to say we’re boys want to be men well news flash I’m boys do want to be men. Okay a bully wants to be a man kids tell their kid all you’re a big boy.



Now we are excited kids want to be men they look up come in they look up to their fathers and their superstar heroes and they want to be like them they want to be like G.I Joe. They want to be like  what’s an old what’s an old Magic Johnson they want to grow up to be their idols there pop stars of course we’re going to say it separates the men from the boys it’s part of a colloquial slang. Check out the best entertainment today from the popular android games. Learn here the best of pokemon duel gems cheats android.

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