Why Weddings Are Waste Money And Time


Nearly all wedding traditions are nothing but pointless and expensive displays of wealth. This time okay my engagement was one thing but I’ve been dreaming about this day my whole life my friends are here my very traditional family is here. We would have preferred a Catholic priest but this is tradition the dress, the ceremony, the cake, all symbolizes true love. Nope those traditions represent one thing money in fact this entire ceremony has been hijacked by a greedy industry looking to make a buck. This is the way weddings have always been. American weddings were once in formal affairs held in the homes or at community events like barn raisings or corn husking bees. I hereby pronounce you man and wife. Back then white fabric was almost impossible to clean so a white dress was only meant to be worn once.



Our folks can’t afford that we gotta make our dresses last brown don’t show the dirt. It was intense I Queen Victoria wear a hite dress to my wedding that other Brides began to copy me to show off their wealt but even then it was strictly for the well-to-do. Thing’s she’s so good at are more than one dress or more than one long, even white wedding cakes were all about bragging. White sugar back then was so expensive it was basically edible blame my cake is white just like all my friend.

Well Emily is wearing a white dress and we’re not rich nope but you’re making it rain like you are and all because of bridal magazines. Dr. Vicki Howard she’s the author of brides incorporated an expert in wedding commercialization, weddings used to be simple affairs but then bridal magazines encourage brides to marry like the wealthy and created a wedding industry unrelated products like silverware, gifts for the home and even early wedding gowns and they did all this on Americans were at their poorest. It was the birth of an entire industry and now the cost of weddings keep skyrocketing.



People want the finest on their big day that comes at a price for cheating people. No that’s exactly what you’re doing, the wedding industry systematically overcharges young couples just because they can one study found that a majority of flower shops, photographers and cake shops charged more for a wedding than they did for a birthday party of the same size. It’s called the wedding tax basically anything Ashley here book for you is a ripoff. That’s insane how can they get away with this, well this culture spending is now so pervasive if you don’t do it your family will be pissed.

We you can’t have a wedding without floral centerpieces, they were two grand extra. Well maybe going through this whole expensive ordeal together will make us stronger as a couple. Researchers at Emory University found that the more you spend on your wedding you’re actually more likely to end in divorce. How do you know that this was my bachelorette party oh yeah that was awesome but he has a point I mean no one we paid to help plan this wedding gives two craps if we stay together or not. That is not true I care very deeply about the wedding couple.



A century of advertising has distracted us from what’s really important. It’s not about the money or the gifts or the thread count of the table runners it’s about love all this just about you and me declaring our eternal undying love for each other that’s weddings used to be about and that’s what I want our wedding.



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