Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Assembly

Today I’m going to show you how  simple it is to install a factory pre-terminated multi-strand fiber-optic  kill AKA fiber whips from point A to point B here’s one of our quick tracks  custom-made fiber whips.

Which we will install a warehouse some people refer to install an introductory first but this is not required and is strictly a personal preference so run our cable exposed fiber cable is very durable and not fragile as some may think it’s a good idea to use velcro cable ties too fast and the fiber the sort of citizen of preferred because they did not cause sharp bends in the fiber as compared with vinyl cable ties. So now we’ll proceed to continue to fester in the fiber across the warehouse using Velcro cable ties ok now we’re going to show you how to remove a pulling basket for pre-terminated assembly we take our wire surgeon cattle are cutting scissors and will proceed to cut off the hook on the end of the point basket.



Now we’ve cut off the hook on the end of the point basket we do have to now remove the heat shrink tubing that holds the point basket on so we’re going to use a razor knife. And we’re going to do that very gently now we’ve removed most of the polling basket weave remove the outer sheath of it and now inside we have the catalog member. Which in this case is covered with some black tape which we are going to cut it cut it flush with the end of a cable to meet and now we have left is some plastic wrap which protect. The connectors from contaminants and we could just pull that off pretty easily  when you want a determination box you need to order adapter panels adapt the  panel is simply a metal strip. With passive fiber-optic couplers since our cable is terminated with SC connectors we are going to use SE adaptive panels.

Now will snap the adapter panel into the box, I’m going to coil about five feet cable inside of the box    now to plug into connectors and to the adaptive panel will start from the top down going blue orange green brown slate and white now we’ll proceed to remove the seals on the inside of the couplers one at a time. I’m going to remove the protective cap from the end of each connector starting with the blue at the top and plugging it into the coupler. Next ST orange followed by the green  brown  sleep  and finally white  now that we have the cable install from one end of the warehouse to the other we  are going to take this end and terminate it into a rack mount termination box.


I usually like to leave about two maybe three turns of cable inside of the box like such now we’re ready to plug them in starting again with blue orange green brown slate and white. Now that the fibers install from end to end and just to make sure we did everything correctly and everything worked out correct. We’re going to a quick flash light test on its multimode cable so flashlight I should pass through it easily unlike single mode which would need a much stronger light source for but we’re going to use this LED flashlight and we’re going to shine light into each of these six fibers want to one at a time from the top down 1 2 3 4 5 six and there we have it a complete installation in about an hour.

Land Shark car has been making its own custom pre-terminated multi-strand fiber optic cable AKA fiber whips for 14 years on the internet with a virtual one hundred percent success rate in the past two years we developed the brand quick tracks to further bolster our quality assurance to you our valuable customer please remember land check calm for all of your cabling infrastructure needs.